Oh hi there! I’m Dellaram. Writer, wife and mother of three beautiful bambinos.

My whole life, I’ve loved meeting people from all walks of life and unearthing their stories. That’s why I decided to pursue a career in journalism.

Since completing my degree (more than a decade ago. Yikes!), I’ve been using my passion to meet people from different backgrounds, beliefs and professions in a bid to tell their tales.

Having worked as an arts and entertainment reporter, and with experience in tourism and travel marketing, I’ve had a pretty enjoyable run during my years in the industry. I’ve met some pretty rad people (Michael Caton would have to be up there on my list of faves. Ahhh the serenity!) and have gained a vibrant and versatile skillset.

My work has appeared across national publications including Guardian Australia, a range of Australian Community Media mastheads, One Hour Out, Pandaemonium, Historic Stays and more.

I’ve also spent many years promoting the wonders of my hometown of Ballarat and surrounds – uncovering the multitude of stories that lie hidden in the depths of regional Victoria and sharing them with the world!

With my parents hailing from Iran, and as a Baha’i with a desire to build community, I have a particular interest in multicultural affairs, arts and culture, and stories that cast a spotlight on all that’s good in the world.

So if you’re from around here (or even if you’re not), and you’ve got a story that needs telling, I’d love to help!


Image credit: Her Golden Point Photography

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