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Storytelling is my jam. Whether you’re a change-maker working to build your community, a small business that’s just starting out, or a charity with a special story to tell, I’m eager to discover what sets you apart and share your tale with the world.

Journalism and feature writing

My years in the industry have seen my work appear in print and online publications including The Age, Australian Community Media, The Melbourne Leader Magazines, One Hour, and Forte. Closer to home, I have worked for The Ballarat Courier, Uncover Magazine, Secrets, The Ballarat Times, and The Local. My experience ranges from covering hard news to writing feature articles, and I love it all!

Blog posts

During my stint at Ballarat’s tourism board, I instigated and led the roll-out of Ballarat’s first official visitor blog. I’ve also been a regular contributor of several blogs including Melbourne Girl, Mamma Knows West and Baha’i Blog. I know what it takes to conjure up an enticing blog post that keeps your audience engaged from word one to word done.

Copywriting, proofing and editing

You might have a website that needs some dang good copy, or are in need of a completely fresh narrative for your business. Perhaps it’s your brand’s collateral content that needs to be proofed or completely reworked. Whatever the case may be, words are what I live for, and I truly believe they have the power to make or break. Let it be the former, not the latter.

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